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Vertical Sliding Windows

  • Thermal Inserts for Improved WER & U-values
  • Two Sash sizes to give equal vertical sightlines
  • Weather Bar
  • Fully Mechanically Jointed option
  • Run Through Horns
  • Deep Bottom Rail in Welded or Mechanical Joint Options
  • 150 & 210mm sill Options
  • U-values - Achieves 1.3 W/m²K with double glazing*
  • WER - Achieves A+ with double glazing

A traditional sliding sash window with elegance and charm. Our vertical sliders are renowned in the industry for their faithful replication of timber sash styling and for their advanced features. They include sashes that tilt inwards for ease of cleaning, child-safety catches, secure locking mechanisms and effective weather seals.

Standard Casement

  •  Available with between one and eight panels
  •  Range of side, top and fixed panel options
  •  High quality uPVC framework from market leaders Liniar
  •  Wide array of colour finishes, all in stock

Frame Options

Our uPVC casement windows are available in both chamfered and sculpted frame options. Offering a stunning, appealing look, these windows can be used to suit modern and traditional properties alike.

Slim Profile

By choosing quality Liniar uPVC, our casement windows come with a naturally slimmer profile. Doing so improves visual appeal while allowing more light to pass into your home.

Secure Locks

Modern, highly secure locking systems are fitted to our uPVC casement windows as standard. They protect your homeowners for complete peace of mind, minimising the chance of a break in happening.

Flush Sash

  •  Liniar's unique flush sash design, creating a clean, classic finish
  •  Carefully crafted using authentic joinery techniques
  •  Slim sightlines to allow larger glazed areas and more light
  •  Complete range of accessories, including traditional and modern options
  •  Child restrictor upgrade available for your customers on request

A+ Thermal Efficiency

Our flush casement windows achieve a fantastic A+ Window Energy Rating as standard. As a result, your windows will retain the maximum amount of heat during the winter months.

Glazing Options

28mm as standard, you can choose from either double or triple glazing with the flush casement windows. Both options offer fantastic thermal efficiency and noise reduction as standard.

Timber Replica

Through authentic joinery techniques, uPVC flush casement windows operate as excellent timber replica options. They are a cost-effective way for you to renovate older properties.

Tilt and Turn

  •  Innovative opening mechanism for standard opening and tilting
  •  Quality Liniar uPVC profile for complete performance
  •  Doubles up as a fire escape – beneficial for all homeowners
  •  Array of high quality colour finishes, including Chartwell Green and Irish Oak
  •  Slimline, durable profile, allowing wider spanning glazed areas

Frame Options

Our tilt and turn windows are fully customisable for you and have the option of both chamfered and sculpted frames. There’s something for newer and older properties alike.


By opening so wide from the side of the profile, tilt and turn windows can double up as a fire escape. They are superb additions to three storey townhouses or homes with hard to reach areas.

Effective Locks

We supply and install uPVC tilt and turn windows that are robust and secure. Ours are fitted with highly secure multipoint locking systems, keeping homes protected.


For homes in urban areas, tilt and turn windows are perfect. The uPVC and glazing combine to deliver excellent noise reduction. Our customers can feel fully disconnected when they choose our windows.